Welcome to KSL Wood

KSL Wood supply for furniture and the manufacturing industry.
Kayana Sinar Lestari Wood is an international company providing wood supply services for the manufacture of furniture and for various industries.
We work with dozens of manufacturing plants throughout Asia,that are capable of producing and cutting wood according to different sizes and customizations..

KSL Wood can offer you a variety of hardwood and softwood products in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. You can send us a sketch, a picture or a drawing according to the required dimensions and the design you want and we will produce the product for you in the highest finishing level.

KSL Wood is an international wood export company, that supplies raw wood
materials and wood products worldwide for a variety of industries and factories.
Among different types of wood, KSL Wood Wood – specializes in EXPORTING and supplying softwood and hardwood lumber from INDONESIA like Mahogany,
Meranti, Pine, Merbau, Kempas, Yellow Balau, Rose wood, Teak, Albasia falcata, Balsa Wood, and more. In Addison to raw wood materials, KSL Wood supply wholesale of wooden products such as solid wood beds, single and bunk wooden beds, wooden chairs for, kindergarten, schools, and different Institutes and companies.

SIUP NIB/ Business Licence Number : 9120011040518
TAX    ID : 92.696.105.3-625.001
Indonesian Legal Trade Number : BRIK – VLK – 0405