Plywood is one of the types of tough wooden board that is thin enough to support multiple types of loads and usage, it might consist few layers of wood veneers that glued and pressed together with the wood grain’s alternative direction. The standard and most common size of plywood cutting is 4 feet by 8 feet (4’x8’). Most of the plywood supplier in Indonesia agree and classified this engineered wood as the same root family with particle board and Medium-Density Fibreboard (MDF)

The reason why plywood’s cross grain is because it can help to reduce expansion, shinkrage, consistent strength at all direction since it is now dimensionally stable; In addition, when edges are being nailed, the chance of the plywood splits is lowered down and it is proven by many plywood supplier Indonesia.

Layer of the plies glued together normally come in “odd” number because it can help to reduce warping since it is balanced up. The rationale behind this is because of bonded plywood with alternating grains, it reduces the possibility of bending it vertically since the plywood supplier in Indonesia commonly is making the composite parts in odd number.

Finger-Jointed-Lamination Board (FJLB) is a wide and long board; produced from joining short material into long plank, using well-known Akzo Nobel adhesive D4 standard glue; then mould into specific size before proceeding to lamination progress. FJLB is highly favourable by furniture, door, door/window frame, staircase component and timber decorative/moulding manufacturer as it can be custom-made to any sizes, without forgoing the basic requirement of product stability.

With our two lines of Japan-made finger-joint machineries, together with one cold-pressed lamination machine and two units high-frequency lamination machine, ensuring a good quality of finger-jointed-lamination board (FJLB) to the customer.

Material Albasia Falcata, Shorea Acuminata
Length 2440 mm
Width 1220 mm
Thickness 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18 mm or by request
Glue WBP / MR / E0 or by request
Finishing Sanding or by request
Quality AA, AB, BC & CC or by request

Advantages of Plywood:

Ordinary plywood supplier in Indonesia can supply very high strength wood and the fact is strength along the grain is much stronger than across the grain by at least twenty-five to fourty-five times. However, as per above mentioned, adjacent sheet cross overlapping can have equalized strength at multiple directions.

Solid wood especially plywood in Indonesia, able to get you free from swell, crook and shrink, the justification act in this way where stress can be equalized with adjacent grain routes due to right angles of plywood veneers. Further chemical coating and treatment can also be done, such as enhance the fire retardant, fire-pressure and moisture resistant by plywood supplier in Indonesia upon specified requirement.

Common Plywood in Indonesia :

2ft x 4ft plywood or 4ft x 8ft plywood are common sizes that can be found in Indonesia, but it could also be sold in larger sizes by joining or original cutting such as 6ft x 25ft, 6ft x 40ft as well as possible size like 6ft x 3ft. Normally plywood supplier in Indonesia can do many ply (layers or also known as thickness), 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply, 9-ply as well as 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm and others; it depends on the requirement, grade, wood type and many more.

The most common plywood stocks that plywood supplier in Indonesia sell can ranges from Water and Boil Proof (WBP), Tego WBP, Tropical wood, seven star, BBCC, marine plywood which comply to British Standard, BS 1088, normal grade as well as plywood flush door 30″ x 81″ and plywood flush door 27″ x 81″.

Types of Plywood in Indonesia :

There are several types of wood can be further processed into plywood, which plywood supplier Indonesia can do are softwood, hardwood, flexible wood, aircraft wood, tropical wood, decorative wood and marine wood.

The next type of plywood we are introducing is the tropical plywood in Indonesia, KSL WOOD as manufacture in Indonesia able to provide cost effective, high quality with multiple species since the origins mostly are from Indonesian or other Asian countries. High density, layers’ evenness and strength are the benefits of this type of tropical plywood which the users are looking for.

There are also other types of decorative plywood (overlaid plywood) in Indonesia, made by hardwood type such as red oak, maple, birch, rosewood, teak, mahogany, ash, oak, meranti, multi-ply plywood, blockboard, moisture-resistant MDF, fiberboard, particleboard, moisture-resistant particleboard, veneered particleboard, hardboard and many more. Flexible plywood, douglas fir plywood, marine plywood and aircraft plywood can be decorative enough to fall under this category. Get consultation from the KSL WOOD to check whether We can supply those plywood that you required for your construction, industrial or decorative purposes.

KSL WOOD can supply and install (as plywood contractor) many species or types of plywood and timber use for indoor and outdoor, construction, light and heavy industrial usage, decorative wood façade, customizable specification to make sure you have the best quality plywood supply in Indonesia to fit your requirement.

Our smooth and treated Plywood price is cheap and competitive price. We guarantee the quality is satisfy for your needs.

Please send us more detailed information such as the exact sizes and dimensions about your plywood needed, we will back with a competitive price

If you are interested in a custom length or wood species please contact us with your request.

Available wood :

Albasia Falcata Wood, Balsa Wood, Mahogany Wood, Meranti Wood, Merbau Wood, Pine Wood, Teak Wood, Yellow Balau Wood, Rose Wood or by customer request.