Veneer is the name given to the thin sheets of wood that go into the makeup of Oberflex wood products. It comes from a tree trunk that has been cut into thin layers of a few tenths of a millimeter. In the professional jargon, this step is called slicing. Many steps are required before a tree trunk (also called log) is transformed into veneer.

Choosing the wood

Choosing the right wood to be sliced and transformed into veneer is a process that requires a lot of care, experience and skill. It is a very important step that determines the production and quality of the veneers. To produce quality veneers, the logs are inspected individually based on different criteria: straightness, visible defects on the surface of the bark, size (length and diameter), color, shape… The part of the tree that can be sliced is located between its base and the first branch.

Nature wood veneer are thin slices of wood made by cutting or slicing of the log. The best veneer thickness is 0.6mm. There are several cutting methods, such as quarter cut, flat cut, rift cut, and rotary cut. Different cutting methods create different grain of the veneer even they belong to the same species. Cutting method depends on many factors. For instance, log sizes, wood species, grain pattern preference and so on.

Our main product is nature veneer, also known as real wood veneer. We supply over 100 variation of veneers produce from timber found all over the world, from bulk species like BALSA WOOD, MAHOGANY WOOD, TEAK WOOD, MERANTI WOOD, PINE WOOD, and Other Indonesian Wood, to special and exotic species such as burls, crotch, swirl, figured veneer. SVLK-certified products are available upon request. Every nature veneer features a bona fide grain and color that reflects the tree it came from and enviroment where it has grown.

If you are interested in a custom length or wood species please contact us with your request.

Available wood :

Albasia Falcata Wood, Balsa Wood, Mahogany Wood, Meranti Wood, Merbau Wood, Pine Wood, Teak Wood, Yellow Balau Wood, Rose Wood or by customer request.